Ascend is a boutique talent strategy and leadership development consultancy based in London, England. We’ve been working globally in the field of behavioural change for over a decade, across all industry sectors. Our complementary areas of expertise are talent strategy, leadership, high potential development, executive coaching and career transformation. We specialise in getting people and businesses to where they need to be – firmly, confidently and for the long term. We work internationally to create stronger people, teams and businesses.


Transforming organisations into performance powerhouses

Expect a blended learning approach that puts your people front and centre, tearing down obstacles and getting stuck in to serious change! We are forensic in our use of psychometric questionnaires to diagnose the root of a problem, and carefully select the right tools, frameworks and models to match the situation and person. We mix virtual and face to face content with coaching and action learning, supporting the journey of behavioural change as your people take on board new mindsets, skills and behaviours. Our programmes are experiential and interactive, robust models and frameworks that leave time for reflection. However, more than anything we believe in offering a practical, pragmatic and real-world perspective that gets to the heart of what matters and helps find actionable answers.


Crash through those silos

We create environments where challenges can be tackled head on. Our work is to reveal the strengths of your people and remind them what they're capable of, breaking down boundaries and building team spirit. As a result, you’ll communicate better, your clients will be served better, and your organisation will perform better.


How do we expand horizons, if not by challenging convention?

We’re all working in a fast-moving, ever-changing commercial landscape that demands resilience, breadth of skills and agility in order to retain influence and drive business growth. It’s a tall order. We’re here to help you maintain your leading edge, even in challenging times. Our coaches have a varierty of experience and expertise, giving us all a very real level of empathy for the obstacles you face every day, and the knowledge of the tools you need to overcome them. We believe in changing perspective from the top down, having a fundamental impact on the way you view the potential of yourself, your team and your organisation at a global level.


In this together

When tackling change in your organisation, you need an experienced, expert team by your side for the duration. Our process is wholly collaborative, supporting you at every step. It's our ability to work together that enables us to break down silos and for your teams and people emerge more productive. 


Ascend with us

We worked with Ascend to define our leadership development strategy. We found them collaborative and insightful and look forward to working with them again in the future
— Academy Director, St James Place Wealth Management