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Career transformation


We support executives to help transform their careers.

It might be someone who has just started a challenging new role, or someone who is stuck in their role or organisation and unsure of their next steps, or perhaps, someone who has just been told it is time for a change by the harsh realities of corporate life.

Our specialist, hugely experienced, well networked coaches are empathetic and understanding, knowing when to be supportive and knowing when to dig you in the ribs. We use a variety of thinking tools, practical exercises and insight to help you generate and evaluate opportunities to make the best of the next phase in your career. We also have strong senior networks.

We will guide you through a four stage process to ensure you have the best chance possible to follow your dreams, hit the ground running and perhaps, transform your life.


1. Understanding the reality

Understanding the opportunities that lie ahead, letting go of the present in order to move forwards, finding focus and galvanising resilience


2. Preparing for transformation

Writing your CV, amplifying your strengths, establishing your story, building your online presence and exploring your network


3. Moving onwards and upwards

Action planning, preparing for interviews, mobilisation and sounding board


4. Supporting future growth

Offer negotiation and acceptance, hitting the ground running, support for the first hundred days of your new role

1. Understanding the reality

  • Making sense of change

  • Letting go

  • Finding focus

  • Resilience


3. Moving onwards and upwards

  • mobilisation

  • Action planning

  • Sounding board

  • Preparation/ rehearsal


Preparing for transformation

Your vision/journey
Your brand:

  • story

  • CV

  • online presence

  • strengths/ experience

  • your network


4. Supporting future growth

  • offer/ acceptance management

  • hitting the ground running