Driving cultural change


You can’t make people be what they’re not, but you can definitely amp up their strengths. At it’s essence, talent strategy is about identifying your commercial goal and really asking, ‘who do we have to make this happen? Do we have those skills already – or do we need to bridge the gaps?’ It’s about marrying your business strategy with your people strategy, in a way which acknowledges the people and  talent within your organisation.

We’re particularly passionate about identifying and developing high potentials. We develop fully tailored programmes to nurture, motivate and support these people as they take on new skills and mindsets that’ll lead them to where they need to be. It’s an exciting and incredibly rewarding process for individuals and organisations alike as we discover the best opportunities for your people to shine.


Specific areas of focus include:

  • Driving cultural change
  • Aligning people strategy with commercial strategy
  • Identifying and developing high potentials

ascend with us

Ascend worked with our Partner group helping us to refine our People strategy and how we identify and develop talent in our firm. We have enjoyed working with Ascend, their consultative style matched with their insight and experience has blended well with our culture and values and they are now working with some of our investee companies too.
— Managing Partner, Living Bridge Private Equity